Fiesta Island A Pup’s Dream 

 My first overnight pupventure was down to San Diego where I had a super amazing time. One of our stops was Fiesta Island.   Mommy was super impressed with Fiesta Island because it had a fenced in beach. It wasn’t perfectly fenced. But it was enough that even with my zoomies I didn’t think of escaping. 
  I got to run and run and run in the water and out of the water. It was amazing.   There was plenty of shallow water too. This is great because I don’t like to swim. I try to leap over the water and bite at the droplets. 
  The other pups were friendly too and chased me. Or I chased them. We took turns.   I felt like I had my own beach to share with other pups. 
 The other thing mommy liked was the fact the entire island was off leash with hiking paths. But only one road. She’s planning on taking me back soon and I’m super excited. Maybe I will hike more this time. 


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