Hotel Indigo Gaslamp 

My mommy is so great. She took me on an overnight pupventure to San Diego back in June. I already told you about my time at Fiesta Island. And my  paddleboarding experience. What made the stay super pawsome was our room and the pup friendly bar at Hotel Indigo. 

Hotel Indigo is described as a boutique hotel in the heart of San Diego. Just blocks away from Petco Park. The best thing about the hotel is that it’s super dog friendly. You might have noticed I’m not a small dog. Which can limit where my mommy can take me. But this beautiful hotel doesn’t set limits. 

As you can see the room was very nice. It was right over the pup friendly bar. It was very spacious with hard wood floors that my mommy was happy about. Also I looked quite majestic just sitting there hanging out. 

I also enjoyed snuggling up in the bed. It was so big that mommy didn’t mind it when I stretched out. 


 The other great thing was the pup friendly bar, Level 9. You could see Petco park from the bar. The service was great. They brought me cold water and kept it full for me. They kept mommy’s glass full too, but I don’t think she was drinking water. They had a potty spot for pups on that floor too. Allowing us to continue to pawty late into the night. 

I give Hotel Indigo 4 paws up and can’t wait to go back. 


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