Fred’s Mexican Cafe – Old Town San Diego 

    After running around at Fiesta Island for a couple hours mommy and I went out to eat. At first I was very perturbed at having to leave the beach. As you can see. But all was soon fixed. 
Fred’s Mexican Cafe is super dog friendly. The majority of the eating area is outdoors which means plenty of tables for my human and me. Right away they brought me water in a cute bowl. And boy I was thirsty b


Mommy really liked the bright chairs and decor.   
The waitstaff was very friendly. They didn’t mind when mommy left to use the restroom. Probably because I’m such a good girl. I don’t whine or bark when that happens so it was okay. 

As you can see mommy was thirsty too. She seemed to enjoy her drink. 

I may not look it but I was very excited to get my chicken and fries. Mommy liked her carneasada quesadilla. It smelled really good and she forgot to share. 

I think we will be back on another San Diego pupventure.  


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